Our High Net Worth & Family Office Services


Our Services for High Net Worth and Family Office

Our holistic approach focuses on developing a clear picture of a client’s unique needs and goals, leading to a personalized plan that aligns customized solutions with their goals.

Our process begins with a planning review that enables clients to identify and prioritize their wealth management goals, review their net worth statement, articulate personal tolerance for investment risk and review estate documents.


Financial Planning Services

  • Retirement & Cash Flow Analysis
  • Company Benefits & Equity Compensation Analysis
  • Risk Analysis & Insurance Planning
  • Investment Planning & Asset Allocation
  • Education Funding Analysis
  • Estate Services & Gift Planning
  • Charitable Planning
  • Corporate Executive Planning Services
  • Business Advisory Services


Investment Services

  • Open Architecture Access to Third-Party Money Managers
  • Alternative Investments (for qualified investors)
  • Equity Risk Management
  • Proprietary Equity Income Model
  • Cash Management


Private Banking

  • Loans and Lines against Concentrated & Restricted Stock
  • Residential Financing: lot, construction, permanent
  • Unsecured Lines of Credit
  • Commercial Real Estate Lending for Apartments, Offices and Industrial Property
  • Specialty Financing, such as aircraft & yachts
  • Life Insurance Premium Financing
  • Interest Rate Management through caps, collars and swaps
  • No Monthly Deposit Service Fees & Free Checks
  • The Private Bank Debit Card
  • The Private Bank Credit Card
  • The Private Bank PMA Package